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pre-release20 months ago

🚀 Minor Changes

  • Add blitz db seed for seeding data in your database: #678

🐞 Patches

  • Speed up blitz start by 40% by adding incremental dev cache: #1137
  • Upgrade react-query to 2.23.0: #945
  • Fix blitz console not closing on first Ctrl+D: #1142
  • Fix ES5 compatibility: upgrade superjson to 1.2.2: #1147

⚡️ Changes to the New App Template

  • Improve Form typing: remove need to pass schema type: #1144

Internal Meta Changes

  • Docs: add drmas as a contributor: #1146
  • Add @kitze as a contributor: 7fac013
  • Redirect to the new page in the docs: f83ce0b


Huge thanks to @Zeko369, @ryardley, and @drmas for helping!

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