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pre-release20 months ago

🚀 Minor Changes

  • Enable passing extra prisma args to blitz db migrate(#1012): 60d0c9d
  • Add ability to set custom authenticateOptions for the Passport.js adapter: #1024
  • Add secureProxy option the the Passport.js adapter: #1033
  • Update dependencies in new app template: #1036

🐞 Patches

  • Fix ctx.session.authorize() throwing AuthorizationError instead of AuthenticationError if user logged out.: #1030
  • Fix UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning from useQuery during static pre-rendering: #1038
  • Fix: export AppProps as a generic type: #1034
  • Fix bug where test files would cause blitz build to fail: #1045
  • Bump node-fetch from 2.6.0 to 2.6.1 in /packages/generator: #1042

Internal Meta Changes

  • Docs: add nitaking as a contributor: #1040
  • Docs: add engelkes-finstreet as a contributor: #1041
  • Docs: add PixelsCommander as a contributor: #1048
  • Add @sirmyron as a contributor: 3afab44


Huge thanks to @engelkes-finstreet, @PixelsCommander, @anteprimorac, and @SigurdMW for helping!

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