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21 months ago

🚀 Minor Changes

  • Upgrade environment variable support to match Next.js (use dotenv-flow): #979
  • Revert default react version to 0.0.0-experimental-7f28234f8 because of error boundary bug: #981
  • Improve the useCurrentUser() hook in the new app template: #985

🐞 Patches

  • Fix session.isAuthorized to not throw an error if user not logged in: #977
  • Fix husky git hooks not set up properly in new apps: #980
  • Fix Undefined function deleteCookie error after session expires: #982
  • Fix blitz db reset: #986
  • Improve git init for new apps so it can't get stuck #882: #888

Internal Meta Changes

  • Docs: add dillonraphael as a contributor: #978


Huge thanks to @dillonraphael, @Weilbyte, and @bpas247 for helping!

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