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21 months ago

🚀 Minor Changes

  • Add Formik as form option when creating a new app: #926
  • Add blitz autocomplete command for adding autocomplete to your terminal: #928
  • Automatically run initial db migrations during new app setup: #927
  • Add isLoading property to useSession() hook result: #936
  • Upgrade default react version to 0.0.0-experimental-94c0244ba: #961

🐞 Patches

  • Fix useInfiniteQuery() regression in 0.18.0: #962
  • Fix url encoding for authError in the Passport.js adapter: #925
  • Fix mdx files not working: #935
  • Fix jest config for new apps and fix example test: #924
  • Fix queries and mutations for plain JS projects: #878
  • Add .blitz to modulePathIgnorePatterns in Jest config for new apps: #946
  • Remove favicon from generators: #921
  • Fix relative dynamic imports not working: #931

Internal Meta Changes

  • Docs: add karaggeorge as a contributor: #933
  • Docs: add bpas247 as a contributor: #934
  • Docs: add karaggeorge as a contributor: #943
  • Docs: add svobik7 as a contributor: #944
  • Docs: add alan2207 as a contributor: #959
  • Upgrade tsdx and some other dependencies: #960
  • Elias retired from L1 maintainer: 89676e4


Huge thanks to @bpas247, @karaggeorge, @alan2207, @merelinguist, @svobik7, and @dwightwatson for helping!

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