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pre-release21 months ago

🚀 Minor Changes

  • Finish default testing setup for new apps: #847
  • Change new app template to set database through .env: #876
  • Add material-ui recipe: #840
  • Add Blitz Recipe for Emotion: #805
  • Add blitz generate query to generate a single query: #837
  • Change db/index.ts in new app template to use globalThis instead of global: #813

🐞 Patches

  • Fix render recipe by adding NODE_ENV=production: 1a7274e
  • Fix to not use secure cookies on localhost: #895
  • Fix superjson serialization in Safari (Upgrade superjson to 1.2.1): #901
  • Fix return types of useParam and useParams: #902
  • Show blitz install command in blitz help output: #903
  • Capitalize help command description: #899

Internal Meta Changes

  • Docs: add drenther as a contributor: #883
  • Docs: add scisteffan as a contributor: #884
  • Docs: add kripod as a contributor: #892
  • Docs: add toddgeist as a contributor: #896
  • Remove trailing space: #879
  • Add @SebastianKurp as a contributor: 984a10a


Huge thanks to @dwightwatson, @drenther, @wKovacs64, @aem, @kripod, and @toddgeist for helping!

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