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22 months ago

🔥 Breaking Changes

  • Upgrade React Query to v2: #720
    • Dependent queries are now accomplished with the enabled flag instead of a function that 'throws':
      --useQuery(getProjects, () => ({where: {id: projectId}})
      ++useQuery(getProjects, {where: {id: projectId}}, { enabled: !!projectId })
    • There are some other breaking changes for less commonly used features. You can see the full list of breaking changes here: react-query v2 release notes

🚀 Minor Changes

  • Add support for Optimistic UI Updates by adding refetch option to useQuery mutate(): #715

🐞 Patches

  • Fix blitz db reset for Prisma >= 2.0.0-beta.8: #716
  • Fix middleware error handling when using next(error): #719
  • Fix Router export from blitz: #722
  • Fix experimental flags in blitz.config.js not being used: #721

Internal Meta Changes

  • Docs: add SigurdMW as a contributor: #718
  • Add auth example app (currently empty, PRs coming soon): 35b5f12
  • Add @styfle as a contributor: 8d699f5
  • Docs: add shaunchurch as a contributor: #717
  • Add @sbardian as a contributor: d4cb652
  • Add @garrisons as a contributor: 06859d6


Huge thanks to @shaunchurch, @toshi1127, @SigurdMW, and @ganeshmani for helping!

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