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23 months ago

💥 Breaking Changes

  • Change query in useRouter and withRouter to only have query string items and then add params which contains only the dynamic route parameters (see the new docs): #677
    • This brings useRouter and withRouter into harmony with our useParams() and useRouterQuery() hooks

🚀 Minor Changes

🐞 Patches

  • Fix top level await in blitz console 🎉: #659
  • Prevent blitz db migrate from attempting to create new migration files in production: #683
  • Ignore all .git sub files and folders: #687
  • Fix typo in model generation output: #688

Internal Meta Changes

  • Docs: add toshi1127 as a contributor: #690
  • Docs: add toshi1127 as a contributor: #691


Huge thanks to @toshi1127, @ryardley, and @wKovacs64 for helping!

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