github blitz-js/blitz v0.14.1

latest releases: blitz@2.0.0-alpha.25, @blitzjs/rpc@2.0.0-alpha.25, @blitzjs/next@2.0.0-alpha.25...
23 months ago

🐞 Patches

  • Add spinner for Prettier formatting during 'blitz new': #680
  • Fix missing useParam import in edit.tsx page template: #684
  • Possible fix for stuck at _manifest: Debounce manifest writing: #685

Internal Meta Changes

  • Syncify getConfig method in @blitzjs/config package: #676
  • Fix eslint warnings in GUI: #679
  • Docs: add fnoah as a contributor: #681
  • Docs: add donni106 as a contributor: #686


Huge thanks to @fnoah, @donni106, @ryardley, and @Zeko369 for helping!

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