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24 months ago

⚠️ Breaking Changes

  • Change useQuery() to require second argument: #526

Previous code generators generated a page with an empty query. If still using that, you will need to make a change like this:

--const [projects] = useQuery(getProjects)
++const [projects] = useQuery(getProjects, {})

🚀 Minor Changes

  • Add support for Dependent Queries to useQuery and usePaginatedQuery: #487
  • Add studio pkg.json script to new app template: #568
  • Use previous built files for blitz start --production if they are up to date. This improves DX for deployment to #565

🐞 Patches

  • Upgrade next to 9.4.4 version: #576
  • Update Render deployment instructions in USER_GUIDE: #532
  • Improved error messages for blitz db commands: #544
  • Fix some dependency install warnings: #547
  • Remove the unused jobs folder from the new app template: #561
  • Tiny refactor to new app template's index page: #563
  • Fix error in types for generated queries: #537
  • Improve JSON readability on generated show page: #548
  • Update user guide with pgbouncer instructions for Prisma: 0f27908

Internal Meta Changes

  • Fix bug in installer package with log imports: #535
  • Docs: add nabi009 as a contributor: #536
  • Docs: add lachlanjc as a contributor: #550
  • Add codebase walkthrough video to b1c8cf6
  • Create a7195f4
  • Docs: add enzoferey as a contributor: #555
  • Docs: add pgrimaud as a contributor: #556
  • Docs: add jletey as a contributor: #564
  • Extract CLI repl into its own package: #520
  • Add architecture diagram to readme: cde418f
  • Add husky git hooks for yarn install when changing branches: #571
  • Docs: add pixelmord as a contributor: #575
  • Docs: add kevotovar as a contributor: #578
  • Update a8e352c
  • Add meta and assets packages: #521
  • Fix typos: #551
  • Disable video for cypress test. Not needed and causing ci problems: f3ad5fd


Huge thanks to @jclancy93, @Zeko369, @johncantrell97, @MrLeebo, @enzoferey, @jletey, @ryardley, @kevotovar, @lachlanjc, @aem, @peaonunes, @pixelmord, @merelinguist, and @pgrimaud for helping!

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