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2 years ago

⚠️ Breaking Changes

  • Extract usePaginatedQuery out of useQuery into a separate hook: #523
    • useQuery(myQuery, {}, {paginated: true}) is now usePaginatedQuery(myQuery, {})

Minor Changes

  • 🎉 Add --parent to blitz generate for generating "child" pages: #494
  • Update all templates for blitz generate to be a bit better for real usage: #494
  • Change the [id] route parameter to [modelId] for generated pages: #494
    • Instead of /project/[id].tsx, generated route will be /project/[projectId].tsx
    • This is because of a limitation with Next that prevents [id] and [projectId] at the same level. This happens when you have "child" pages of a parent model.


  • Upgrade Next.js to 9.4.1: #527
  • Add instructions to deploy to to the USER_GUIDE: #518
  • Fix oclif hook id bug: #522
  • Change DB index.ts template to ensure same prisma client is being used on hot reload: #514

Internal Meta Changes

  • Increase jest timeout for cli: 4f5c09f
  • Update fork sync script to add upstream remote: #512
  • Docs: add abuuzayr as a contributor: #513
  • Increase cypress test timeout: 3f265c8
  • Adds a failure message if the cli compilation isn't complete: #524


Huge thanks to @eliasjohansson, @aem, @Zeko369, and @abuuzayr for helping!

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