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2 years ago

⚠️ Required for Upgrade

  1. Update blitz to 0.10.0
  2. Update react and react-dom to 0.0.0-experimental-33c3af284

Minor Changes

  • Update Next.js to 9.4! #498
  • 🚀 Add context path option to blitz generate: #493
    • Ex: blitz generate all admin/categories will generate files inside app/admin/categories/


  • Run prettier on output of blitz generate commands: #453
  • Fix git commit error during blitz new: #501
  • Fix some node v10 compatibility issues: #454
  • Fix blitz db reset command: #497

Internal Meta Changes

  • Add Fauna as a bronze sponsor 🎉: #484
  • Add CI step to monitor install time: #420
  • Fix jest typo: #486
  • Docs: add lednhatkhanh as a contributor: #489
  • Add github discussions: 3a407b7
  • Support remote packages in the installer: #491
  • Fix blitz generate error about prettier parser: #499
  • Change all dependency versions to be pinned: #500
  • Fix blitz new failing because of prettier babel-ts error: #502
  • Add Jack Clancy (@jclancy93) and Ivan Medina (@ivandevp) as L1 mainta…: #504
  • Make a few cleanups to guides and templates: #506


Huge thanks to @Zeko369, @aem, @lednhatkhanh, @Skn0tt, @wKovacs64, and @dwightwatson for helping!

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