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BlinkInput v5 Release Announcement

As of this version, BlinkInput SDK is fully compatible with other Microblink SDKs, which means that you can use it alongside another Microblink SDK in the same application.


  • We've translated the complete SDK to the following additional languages: Malay, Dutch, Hungarian, Serbian, Slovenian, Indonesian, Arabic, Romanian, Chinese traditional, Chinese simplified, Thai, Hebrew, Vietnamese and Filipino.
  • We've made the SDK safe from tapjacking, a form of attack where a user is tricked into tapping something he or she didn't intend to tap. We did this by adding a new security option that prompts the SDK to discard touches when the activity's window is obscured by another visible window. To activate it, use UISettings.setFilterTouchesWhenObscured(true).
  • We've introduced a new FrameRecognitionCallback callback for the RecognizerRunnerView, which is invoked each time a camera frame from a video stream is recognized. Use RecognizerRunnerView.setFrameRecognitionCallback method to set the callback.

Major API changes

  • To ensure compatibility with other Microblink SDKs, we have repackaged all classes. We’ve renamed the root package com.microblink to com.microblink.blinkinput, which is unique to BlinkInput SDK.
  • ScanResultListener interface now has an additional method called when the scanning cannot continue because of an unrecoverable error. You have to implement onUnrecoverableError method.
    If you're using built-in activities, when onActivityResult is called with RESULT_CANCELED result code, the exception will be available via ActivityRunner.EXTRA_SCAN_EXCEPTION intent extra. If the user canceled the scan, the exception would be null.

Minor API changes:

  • We renamed EMailParser to EmailParser.
  • We renamed some methods:
    - In LicensePlatesParser: getLicensePlateString is now called getLicensePlate.
    • In RegexParser: isUsingSieve is now called shouldUseSieve, setMustStartWithWhitespace is now called setStartWithWhitespace, isMustStartWithWhitespace is now called shouldStartWithWhitespace, setMustEndWithWhitespace is now called setEndWithWhitespace, and isMustEndWithWhitespace is now called shouldEndWithWhitespace.
    • In RawParser: isUsingSieve is now called shouldUseSieve.
  • We've renamed RecogitionMode to RecognitionDebugMode in RecognizerBundle.
  • We've replaced Using time-limited license! warning with Using trial license! warning. The warning message is displayed when using a trial license key.
  • We've deprecated DetectorRecognizer— use DocumentCaptureRecognizerinstead.
  • We've deprecated Pdf417Recognizer — use BarcodeRecognizer instead.

Bug fixes:

  • We've fixed a bug in IBAN parsing which occasionally read the reference number as part of the IBAN.
  • We've fixed the front-facing camera error on Oukitel WP8 Pro.
3 months ago