github blinkinput/blinkinput-android v4.3.0

Breaking change:

Based on the feedback, we have restored support for x86_64 processor architecture. Due to the architecture specifics, there is no guarantee that the scanning process will work equally well as it does on the ARM architectures. The main reason for restoring support is to ease the compliance issue for developers.
We distribute SDK with ARMv7, ARM64, x86, and x86_64 native library binaries.


  • We have translated complete SDK to following languages: Croatian, Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Slovak, and Spanish.
  • We improved document detection with DocumentCaptureRecognizer.
  • We are now delivering the complete list of open source dependencies used in the SDK. Please check the open-source-software-used directory.

Minor API changes:

  • We removed RecognizerRunnerView custom attributes: mb_initialOrientation and mb_aspectMode. Use RecognizerRunnerView.setInitialOrientation and RecognizerRunnerView.setAspectMode to configure the attributes in the code.
  • We renamed EMailParser to EmailParser
  • We renamed some methods:
    - LicensePlatesParser: getLicensePlateString to getLicensePlate
    • RegexParser: isUsingSieve to shouldUseSieve, setMustStartWithWhitespace to setStartWithWhitespace, isMustStartWithWhitespace to shouldStartWithWhitespace, setMustEndWithWhitespace to setEndWithWhitespace, isMustEndWithWhitespace to shouldEndWithWhitespace
    • RawParser: isUsingSieve to shouldUseSieve
latest release: v5.0.0
14 months ago