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Bitfocus Companion v3.0.0 - RC1

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Companion v3.0.0 RC1 - Release Notes

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  • Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 are no longer supported. This is due to Chromium ending support for these versions.
  • Modules are required to be written in a new format. Some modules may be broken or missing if they have not been updated before the release.
  • Companion now runs on node 18. This should have no impact to users, only module developers.
  • Large parts of the internals of Companion have been overhauled or rewritten.
  • Format of streamdeck and other surfaces ids have changed. They may become unlinked in some places
  • Some modules have made some breaking changes due to new requirements from Companion. Make sure to check everything over before your first show.


  • Updated logo
  • Modernisation and large restructuring of codebase
  • Modules run in child processes. This ensures that module crashes cannot crash the whole of Companion
  • buttons can have multiple steps (replaces latching) (#1630) (#2187)
  • buttons can execute different actions for long presses (#2171)
  • Use hidraw usb backend on linux, this will improve usb performance on linux or companion-pi
  • Split launcher and Companion main process, allow for better recovery if companion crashes
  • Support module development against release builds of Companion
  • Rework ui data flow, to reduce amount of data sent to the ui
  • Support multiple emulators with new styling
  • Overhaul tablet/web views and remove old tablet/web-buttons pages
  • Watch for usb devices being connected
  • Show inactive surfaces in the ui
  • Various usability improvements to editing buttons (#2127)
  • Action recorder (#2125)
  • Show button preview on internal actions & feedbacks (#2102)
  • Enable/disable any action or feedback on a button or trigger
  • Connections list is now manually sortable
  • Triggers list is now manually sortable
  • Custom variables list is now manually sortable
  • Overhaul triggers editor to be like the button editor
  • Support multiple event sources per trigger, and a separate condition
  • Trigger on sunrise/sunset
  • Image buffers returned from feedbacks will now be properly composited
  • Launcher option to run at login
  • Improved search function in add connections list
  • Support rotary events from elgato streamdeck plugin
  • Support the new Razer Stream Controller X
  • Improved expression syntax with support for functions and strings
  • UI style improvements
  • New import/export system, allowing for more fine-grained control
  • New variables of page names
  • Rework internal actions to have less duplication
  • Improve handling of pin locking
  • Log file gets rotated with a limited size
  • Surfaces can be set to never follow pin lock


  • Ensure variable ids are valid
  • Ensure custom variable ids are valid
  • Ensure connection labels are valid
  • Color picker indicates the currently selected swatch


  • marshall-ipcamera
  • riedel-mediornet
  • panasonic-p2
  • obsidiancontrol-onyx-osc
  • apc-ups
  • hdtv-wolfpackgreen
  • camstreamer-camstreamer
  • roland-p20hd
  • restream-api
  • gnuralnet-livetoair
  • shure-mxcw
  • microsoft-vscode
  • android-tv
  • cablematters-hdmimatrix
  • simedia-yesapi
  • rgblink-vsp628pro
  • soundtrack-remote
  • colorlight-processor
  • eaton-epdu
  • roland-vr120hd
  • netgeat-avline
  • atlasied-atmosphere
  • ezcoo-matrix
  • openrgb-sdk
  • cyberpower-pdu

Full Changelog: v2.4.2...v3.0.0-rc1

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