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CLI v1.6.4


Bug fixes

  • An operator with no spaces around in a binary expression no longer breaks the js analyzer (#2243). Contributed by @Sec-ant


Bug fixes


Bug fixes

  • Correctly calculate enabled rules in lint rule groups. Now a specific rule belonging to a group can be enabled even if its group-level preset option recommended or all is false (#2191). Contributed by @Sec-ant


Bug fixes

  • Fix the unexpected code deletion and repetition when quickfix.biome is enabled and some import-related rules are applied (#2222, #688, #1015). Contributed by @Sec-ant


Bug fixes

  • Fix #2211. noChildrenProp should work fine when children pass as a prop in a new line. Contributed by @fireairforce

  • Fix #2248. lint/a11y/useButtonType should not trigger when button element with spread attribute. Contributed by @fireairforce

  • Fix #2216. lint/style/useNamingConvention should not ignore JSX Component name binding. Contributed by @fireairforce


  • Add support for object property members in the rule useSortedClasses. Contributed by @ematipico


  • The parser doesn't throw any error when the frontmatter of .astro files contains an illegal return:

    const condition = true;
    if (condition) {
      return "Something";

    Contributed by @ematipico

What's Changed

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Full Changelog: cli/v1.6.3...cli/v1.6.4

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