github binwiederhier/ntfy v2.5.0

9 days ago

This release brings a number of new features, including support for text-to-speech style phone calls, an admin API to manage users and ACL (currently in beta, and hence undocumented), and support for authorized access to upstream servers via the upstream-access-token config option.

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  • Support for text-to-speech style phone calls using the X-Call header (no ticket)
  • Admin API to manage users and ACL, v1/users + v1/users/access (intentionally undocumented as of now, #722, thanks to @CreativeWarlock for sponsoring this ticket)
  • Added upstream-access-token config option to allow authorized access to upstream servers (no ticket)

Bug fixes + maintenance:

  • Removed old ntfy website from ntfy entirely (no ticket)
  • Make emoji lookup for emails more efficient (#725, thanks to @adamantike)
  • Fix potential subscriber ID clash (#712, thanks to @peterbourgon for reporting, and @dropdevrahul for fixing)
  • Support for quoted-printable in incoming emails (#719, thanks to @Aerion)
  • Attachments with filenames that are downloaded using a browser will now download with the proper filename (#726, thanks to @un99known99 for reporting, and @wunter8 for fixing)
  • Fix web app i18n issue in account preferences (#730, thanks to @codebude for reporting)

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