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7 years ago

retry_delay is a dict to specify retry intervals. The items in the dict
are {retried: seconds}, and a special key: '' (empty string) is used to
specify the default retry delay if not specified.

  • dict parameters in crawl_config, @config will be merged (e.g. headers), thanks to @ihipop
  • add parameter max_redirects in self.crawl to control maximum redirect numbers when doing the fetch, thanks to @AtaLuZiK
  • add parameter validate_cert in self.crawl to ignore the error of server’s certificate.
  • new property etree for Response, etree is a cached lxml.html.HtmlElement object, thanks to @waveyeung
  • you can now pass arguments to phantomjs from command line or config file.
  • support for pymongo 3.0
  • local.projectdb now accept a glob path (e.g. script/*.py) to load multiple projects from local filesystem.
  • queue size in the dashboard is not working for osx, thanks to @xyb
  • counters in dashboard will shown for stopped projects
  • other bug fix

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