github binux/pyspider v0.3.6

latest releases: v0.3.10, v0.3.9, v0.3.8...
8 years ago
  • NEW: webdav mode, now you can use webdav to mount project folder to your local filesystem and edit scripts with your favority editor! (not support python 3, wsgidav required, which is not contained in
  • bug fixes for Python 3 compatibility, Postgresql, flask-Login>=0.3.0, typo and more, thanks for the help of @lushl9301 @hitjackma @exoticknight @d0ugal @qiang.luo @twinmegami @jttoday @machinewu @littlezz @yaokaige
  • fix Queue.qsize NotImplementedError on Mac OS X, thanks @xyb

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