github binux/pyspider v0.3.4

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8 years ago


  • New message queue support: beanstalkd by @tiancheng91
  • New global argument: --logging-config to specify a customization logging config (to disable werkzeug logs for instance). You can get a sample config from pyspider/logging.conf).
  • Project group info is added to task package now.
  • Change docker base image to cmfatih/phantomjs, you can use phantomjs with same docker image now.
  • Auto restart phantomjs if crash, only enabled in all mode by default.


  • Show next exetime of a task in task page.
  • Show fetch time and process time in tasks page.
  • Show average fetch time and process time in 5min in dashboard page.
  • Show message queue status in dashboard page.
  • limit and offset parameter support in result dump.
  • Fix frontend bug when crawling pages with dataurl.


  • Fix support for phantomjs 2.0.
  • Fix scheduler project update inform not work, and use md5sum of script as another signal.
  • Scheduler: periodic counter report in log.
  • Fetcher: fix for legacy version of pycurl

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