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BigBlueButton 2.5.17

latest release: v2.6.9
11 days ago

This BigBlueButton 2.5 release has several backports of fixes from 2.6 (recording and core). FreeSWITCH version has been upgraded to match BBB 2.6. Several bbb-web dependencies were upgraded to resolve reported securuty vulnerabilities - see fix(sec) below.

Thanks to the community members who provided feedback to the earlier 2.5 releases!

HTML5 client



  • Translate 'bigbluebutton-html5/public/locales/en.json' in 'ru' by @transifex-integration in #17543



build and config

  • fix(sec)/build: upgrade FS to 1.10.9 and sofia-sip to 1.13.15 (backport from BBB 2.6) by @antobinary in #17990
  • build: bump libks to v1.8.2 (FreeSWITCH) (backport from BBB 2.6) by @antobinary in #17993
  • chore: Upgrade Meteor to 2.12, nodejs to 14.21.3 from meteor static (backport from BBB 2.6) by @antobinary in #17989


New Contributors

Full Changelog: v2.5.16...v2.5.17

Release name

Passing -v focal-250 to ` will always install the latest released BigBlueButton 2.5 version.

If for some reason you would like to install this specific release, pass -v focal-250-2.5.17.

We still recommend using -v focal-250 as this repository is continually updated with each BigBlueButton 2.5 release.

Client build: 2912

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