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BigBlueButton 2.4-beta-4

This release of BigBlueButton 2.4 includes numerous fixes and stability improvements.
It also includes a first pass at packaging for BigBlueButton (based on project's scripts) #12993 - this work is based on the scripts in use for BBB 2.3 and 2.4 but the actual code that is public is planned to be used for releases later than 2.4.x.

Note that it runs on Ubuntu Bionic (18.04) and HTML5 client runs on Node 12 (same as BigBlueButton 2.3).

BigBlueButton 2.4-dev is under active development. While we don’t recommend setting it up in a production environment, we do encourage administrators to try out the build with others and give us feedback on our bigbluebutton-dev mailing list.

Link to installation command / instructions/ schedule / planned features :

Special thanks to the community members who provided feedback to the earlier 2.4 releases!

This release includes all 2.3.x changes up to and including 2.3.13.

HTML5 client


  • feat: user leave alerts #13044
  • feat: Allow presenter to remove all presentations #13059
  • feat: add media server configuration via metadata and settings.yml #13112


  • fix: Keyboard Access To Assign Users To Breakout Room Broken #13010
  • fix: empty settings menu - viewers #12996
  • fix: Bug when resizing content in custom layout #12994
  • fix: resize / drag & drop won't stop if user switches tabs #13023
  • fix: Poll layout errors #13028
  • fix: Closed captions / shared notes resizing improvements #13031
  • fix: incorrect layout when a focused webcam is unshared #13034
  • fix: add focus and tooltips to virtual backgrounds #13027
  • fix: couldn't reopen closed caption panel #13019
  • fix: restore captions feature in new layouts #13007
  • fix: Add Aria Description To Randomly Assign Button #13013
  • fix: Add Popout Icon To Learning Dashboard Menu Item #13012
  • fix(webcam): key list not provided #13053
  • fix: only change presentation isDownloadable state after confirmation #13052
  • fix: uneven spacing - video-preview modal #13056
  • fix: poll options are not capitalized #13009
  • fix: Improvised PeerTube MATCH_URL RegEx #13050 Thanks @rajasekharponakala
  • fix: Fix log message (LGTM) #13071
  • fix: off-by-one index check #13072
  • fix: Moderator options still open after user being demoted #13134
  • fix: Max participants constraint fix #13132
  • fix: prevent endless loop if locale file is invalid json #13068
  • fix: Fix Screen Reader Announcement Of Toasts In Firefox #13101
  • fix: Recover Greyscale Background Thumbnail Styles #13122
  • fix: restore waiting list whitespace #13128
  • fix: restore camera unfocus label #13129
  • fix(webcams): check for component state after peer creation #13131
  • fix: incorrect camera position in mobile - smart layout #13099
  • fix: Toggle list button missing tooltip when list hidden #13088
  • fix: settings margin - mobile #13067
  • fix: remove tooltip focus when closing menu/modal #13119
  • fix: client crashes when quickly clicking start/stop captions dictation button 3 times #13108
  • fix: Avoid crash by clicking the start dictation button quickly #13040 Thanks @hiroshisuga
  • fix: Share screen placeholder is showing behind side menu #13118
  • fix: Settings menu tooltip open after ending the session #13114
  • fix: Max participants constraint fix #13132


  • refactor: Update Accessibility For Virtual Background Buttons #13107
  • refactor: remove unused imports/variables #13061
  • refactor(webcams, screenshare, listen-only): let the server generate subscriber offers #12983
  • refactor: Add why did you render lib #13020
  • refactor: Color variables on toggle #13042
  • refactor: Restrict Keyboard Access From Elements Behind Upload Modal #13014
  • refactor: Update Media Selection Dropdown to Menu #13015
  • refactor: Update Value To Key Code Constant #13100
  • refactor: remove unused state properties #13125
  • refactor: remove useless conditionals - LGTM alerts #13089
  • refactor: Change "Connecting" message in audio modal #13093 Thanks @PhMemmel
  • chore: Add missing error code 408 message #13060
  • chore: update 2.4 locales #13083 #13120
  • chore(audio): fix eslint / sonar smells on button-emoji #13105
  • chore: Enable by default enableNetworkStats #13106

Improvements to tests

  • test: fix data-test in menus #13000
  • test: Fix tests with files and update breakout #13038
  • test: fix logs and duplicate checks #12998
  • test: fix logs and duplicate checks #12998
  • test: Remove unused testing dependencies #13087

Style improvements

  • style: move presentation fullscreen button to top right #13074
  • style: poll live result - layout improvements #13103

Learning Dashboard

  • refactor: Learning Dashboard: Activity Score, Status Timeline, Clean up, Rename old activityReport #13084
  • fix: Learning Dashboard: List Dial-In users in the dashboard #13024
  • fix: language override does not apply in learning dashboard #13078


  • fix: Fix link to BBB tutorials #13137
  • fix: Max participants constraint fix #13132

Packaging and configuration

  • packaging: First pass at packaging for BigBlueButton (based on project's scripts) #12993 Thanks @zfgrnzfsberire @schrd @danimo @basisbit and others!
  • packaging: renamed bbb-activity-report to bbb-learning-dashboard #13110
  • fix: Remove spurious nginx error_page directive #13026
  • fix: Avoid race condition between redis and bbb-rap-resque-worker #13029 Thanks @mikhailnov

Release name

In case an administrator does not want to update to the latest bionic-240 version, use as substitute to the -v argument in command
We still recommend using -v bionic-240.

Client build: 2243

latest releases: v2.3.15, 2.4-rc-2, v2.3.14...
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