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BigBlueButton 2.4-beta-2

This release of BigBlueButton 2.4 includes numerous fixes and stability improvements.
Note that it runs on Ubuntu Bionic (18.04) and HTML5 client runs on Node 12 (same as BigBlueButton 2.3).

BigBlueButton 2.4-dev is under active development. While we don’t recommend setting it up in a production environment, we do encourage administrators to try out the build with others and give us feedback on our bigbluebutton-dev mailing list.

Link to installation command / instructions/ schedule / planned features :

Special thanks to community members @daminebenq @Davka @mrkeksi for their fixes and to others for their feedback to the earlier 2.4 releases!

This release includes all 2.3.x changes up to and including 2.3.10.

HTML5 client

Layout Manager:

  • refactor: Legacy layout removal #12915
  • fix: RTL language - presentation page in portrait orientation breaks the interface #12900
  • fix: sidebar height - focus on video layout #12916
  • fix: presentation toolbar position in small window #12906


  • refactor: Update Manage Users Dropdown To Menu #12866
  • refactor: Remove workarounds related to fonts load #12909
  • fix(screenshare): broken maximized ui before fully loaded #12896
  • fix: Prevent edge case where interface show wrong info about current presenter #12904
  • fix: Tweak viewer controls for external video component #12892
  • fix: Update List Style To Show Focus Outline #12865
  • test: Updates tests paths after moving test files to new folder #12885
  • test: Some fixes needed after updating the path #12898 Thanks @daminebenq
  • test: Connection reconnection triggering test specs using 2 different methods #12525 Thanks @daminebenq
  • style(virtual-backgrounds): disabled when env. is not supported #12926



  • fix: Fix version on API Demo index.html #11840 Thanks @mrkeksi
  • fix: consider bbb-webrtc-sfu and bbb-html5 overrides #12536 Thanks @Davka


  • fix: Commas are again allowed in meeting names #12911

  • fix: Modified how the checksum is removed from the query string #12922

  • feat: Activity Report - New Dashboard layout #12924 #12932

Release name

In case an administrator does not want to update to the latest bionic-240 version, use as substitute to the -v argument in command
We still recommend using -v bionic-240.

Client build: 1367

latest releases: v2.4-rc-3, v2.3.15, 2.4-rc-2...
2 months ago