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BigBlueButton 2.4-alpha-2

This is the second release of BigBlueButton 2.4 and includes numerous new features and updates to existing ones.
Note that it runs on Ubuntu Bionic (18.04) and HTML5 client runs on Node 12 (same as BigBlueButton 2.3).

BigBlueButton 2.4-dev is under active development. While we don’t recommend setting it up in a production environment, we do encourage administrators to try out the build with others and give us feedback on our bigbluebutton-dev mailing list.

Link to installation command / instructions/ schedule / planned features :

Special thanks to community members @Chogster @hiroshisuga for their contributions to this release!

This release includes all 2.3.x changes up to and including 2.3.8


HTML5 client

Layout Manager:

  • feat: layout manager in meeting collection #12548
  • feat: Add missing components to new layout manager #12625
  • fix: actions bar buttons out of screen - new LM #12624
  • feat: layout settings UI #12642
  • fix: keep changed layout after refresh #12663
  • feat: fullscreen presentation in new Layout Manager #12667
  • feat: Add webcams component on new Layout Manager #12637
  • feat: sidebar vertical resize - focus on video layout #12683
  • fix: polling component position - new LM #12672
  • fix: make panels use same min and max width - legacy layout #12797
  • fix: fullscreen cameras - focus on presentation #12787
  • feat: Webcam area size change when presentation is hidden - new layouts #12781
  • fix: empty sidebar panel when switching layouts #12769
  • fix: sidebar z-index - new layouts #12766
  • feat: keep webcam resize in storage #12765
  • chore: Set new Layout Manager as default #12760
  • fix: Add resizable and draggable in cameras dock #12757
  • feat: fullscreen cameras and screenshare in new Layout Manager #12729
  • feat: add BannerBarContainer and NotificationsBarContainer - new LM #12756
  • feat: add missing components in new layout manager #12753


  • feat: Virtual background #12495 #12813
  • feat(audio): add a new button for selecting audio device #12694
  • feat(screenshare): change loading icon #12754
  • feat: add playback locale #12746
  • feat: Overlay for external video with volume controller and reload button #12181
  • fix: Filter anonymous poll data for presenter, moderators and viewers #12704
  • fix: close poll panel if user is no longer the presenter #12744
  • fix(webcams): add error feedback when media is ejected by the server #12747
  • fix(webcams): avoid leaking media streams on webcam profile changes #12735
  • fix(poll): Respect maxCustom property in quick-polls #12620
  • fix: fix a bug when a shape coordinate is zero #12639
  • fix(screenshare): fix client crash on presenter change #12743
  • fix: Remove default layout override from settings file #12805 #12808
  • fix: Fix export messages throwing a error #12610
  • fix: sharing external video does not stop screenshare #12801
  • fix: start closed chat option does not work #12796
  • fix: Postpone chat message sync #12749
  • fix: close breakout creation modal if user loses moderator status #12780
  • fix: Breakout room panel isn't closing after breakouts end #12779
  • fix(audio): ending breakouts interrupts echo test #12758
  • fix(screenshare): fullscreen status from state #12755
  • fix: hidden chat on resize #12804
  • refactor(webcams): reduce number of gUM calls, refactor in video-preview, fix #9053 #12700
  • refactor: remove unused code #12657 #12674
  • refactor(locales): improve some of video-preview error messages #12736
  • refactor: Add a more accessible dropdown menu #12745
  • build(deps): update reconnecting-websocket to 4.4.0 (bbb-html5) #12731
  • test: Add Unit Tests For Meteor Polls API #12604
  • test: Moving tests files #12761


bbb-web and akka-apps:

  • fix: Freemarker Null Error Fix #12701
  • fix: Prevent spam of assign presenter role #12646
  • feat: Dashboard with meeting activities #12542 #12815
  • feat: Allow default layout config in bbb-web #12789
  • feat: Adds possibility to give a name to breakout rooms #12564
  • refactor: Updates to BBB-Web API validation #12693 #12772 #12764 #12763


  • feat(recording): process published polls #12612
  • feat(recording): process published external videos #12739

Packaging and configuration

mkdir /var/bigbluebutton/activity-report
cp bbb-activity-report/index.html /var/bigbluebutton/activity-report/index.html
chown -R bigbluebutton:bigbluebutton /var/bigbluebutton/activity-report/

cp bbb-activity-report/activity-report.nginx /etc/bigbluebutton/nginx/activity-report.nginx
reload nginx

included bbb-activity-report in the list of packages to be built
included bbb-activity-report as an install dependency of bbb-html5 package

Release name

In case an administrator does not want to update to the latest bionic-240 version, use as substitute to the -v argument in command
We still recommend using -v bionic-240.

Client build: 1332

latest releases: v2.3.15, 2.4-rc-2, v2.3.14...
2 months ago