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BigBlueButton 2.3.6

This 2.3.x release includes a fix for an audio issue introduced in 2.3.5 when skipCheck is set to true (default is false).

Kudos to community users tomoya and baiden10 who first found this and to Mario for addressing it right away.

HTML5 client


  • fix(audio): mic not working when skipCheck=true #12728
  • fix(audio): prevent mute notification to be triggered when mic is locked #12730

Release name

In case an administrator does not want to update to the latest bionic-230 version. Use as substitute to the -v argument in command
We still recommend using -v bionic-230.

Client build: 1801

latest releases: v2.3.15, 2.4-rc-2, v2.3.14...
3 months ago