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BigBlueButton 2.3.14

This 2.3.x release includes several fixes and stability improvements. Special mentions to the newer version of FreeSWITCH including a patch for websocket connection problem with iOS 15.

HTML5 client

  • chore: Update axios and other npm deps #13264
  • chore: Pulled HTML5 locales for 2.3 on Sept 22, 2021 #13265



  • docs: Fix link to BBB tutorials on 2.3 #13138


  • Fix: endWhenNoModerator not ending the meeting after all moderators left #13234


  • Updated bbb-webrtc-sfu to v2.5.7

    Packaging and configuration


  • Updated FreeSWITCH to the latest code from branch 'master'

  • Applied FreeSWITCH fix to fix websocket connection problem with iOS15 Thanks to @sam9032 and @ali-alhaidary for assiting @mariogasparoni to help test his patch!

Release name

In case an administrator does not want to update to the latest bionic-230 version. Use as substitute to the -v argument in command
We still recommend using -v bionic-230.

Client build: 1845

latest releases: v2.3.15, 2.4-rc-2
23 days ago