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BigBlueButton 2.3.0

This is the first 'stable' (i.e. not 'dev') release of 2.3, the culmination of ~20 months of development, 2150 commits, 8 alpha, 5 beta and 2 release candidates.
This release iteration includes multiple bug fixes and stability improvements.

Special thanks in this iteration to contributors: Johannes @danimo @basisbit @schrd @PhMemmel @Natureshadow @victorcorreia1984 and others for helping with code contributions / comments / testing and proving feedback!

HTML5 client

  • test: Fix and update virtualized list test suite #11850
  • accessibility: Make Screen Readers Auto Announce Chat Messages #12179
  • fix: Fix Active Style For Current Chat #12177
  • fix: Allow for Mac OS to trigger debug shortcut #12180
  • refactor(screenshare): remove unused extension/support checks #12192
  • fix: Allow disabling random user picking coundown (UI + audio) #12169
  • refactor: remove unused code #12211
  • fix(polling): Add configuration for max length typed answer in poll #12212
  • fix: Improve feedback to user after a failed file upload #12100
  • fix: remove unused class from component #12214
  • feat: Add button to close mute alert #12204
  • fix(chat): reduce re-renders in chat recompute heights #12201
  • fix(layout): Fix layout broken when close waiting room panel #12215
  • chore(locales): Pulled HTML5 locales; Added Afrikaans #12216
  • feat(bbb-html5): localize guest-wait.html #12213 #12219


  • bbb-web: Includes warning that forceRasterizeSlides can be removed next release #12176
  • bbb-apps-akka: Cutoff poll responses #12202 #12209
  • bbb-libreoffice: Makes Libreoffice Docker mounts the system fonts #12217
  • Recording: Fix handling of recordings without recording marks #12208


Packaging / configuration

  • Updated bbb-libreoffice-docker to install/use fonts as described in #12217
latest releases: v2.3.15, 2.4-rc-2, v2.3.14...
5 months ago