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BigBlueButton 2.3-rc-2

This 2.3 release candidate includes multiple bug fixes and stability improvements.

Special thanks to contributors: Johannes @timm2k @thifranc @danimo @basisbit @schrd @hiroshisuga @rahimimojtaba @djtilo-ol and others for helping with code contributions / comments / testing and proving feedback!

HTML5 client

  • refactor: Remove user-list unused code #12153
  • fix: Do not play random user alert when a viewer joins #12152
  • chore(connection status): log status change at the server #12139
  • chore(connection status): Connection status logs enhancement #12164
  • fix(chat): no grouping for system messages #12162
  • fix(chat): Fix messages load stuck #12174
  • fix(chat): Public chat overlay default message after switching back from private chat #12170
  • feat(chat): Allow to omit chat message from logging #12161
  • feat(screenshare): add screen bitrate config in bbb-html5 #12145 Note: bitrate for screen sharing was previously configured in bbb-webrtc-sfu Note: bitrate for screen sharing was previously configured in bbb-webrtc-sfu. The new configuration overrides the value in bbb-webrtc-sfu . The new configuration overrides the value in bbb-webrtc-sfu.
  • fix(audio): match exact deviceId when retrieving mic streams #12172
  • fix(polling): Prevent long poll question message overlapping #12136
  • fix(polling): Remove sender object from message payload in poll result #12158
    • fix(layout): Fix layout broken after open+close shared notes #12165


  • fix(breakouts): Sync breakouts time remaining #12140
  • feat(chat): Option to not log chat msgs #12142


  • chore: Minor enhancement in Libreoffice conversion scripts #12163


  • feat: enable bbb-webhooks to bind nodejs localhost, and make it default #12107


Packaging / configuration

  • fix(bbb-conf): add TasksMax=infinity to Kurento's unit files #12156
  • in bbb-html5 logging for connection status change is now enabled in settings.yml by default via #12164
  • in bbb-html5 screenshare has configurable bitrate (default is 1500) since #12145
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