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BigBlueButton 2.3-rc-1

This 2.3 release candidate includes multiple bug fixes and stability improvements. Also it introduces webcam sorting on voice activity (enabled by default when video pagination is active, but could be disabled via conf).

Special thanks to contributors @timm2k @schrd @znerol @fireba11 @mrkeksi @PhMemmel @PlumedArcher @justinmogel @basisbit and others for helping with code contributions / comments / testing and proving feedback!


  • video: voice activity video sorting #12004 #12112 #12120

HTML5 client

  • video: voice activity video sorting #12004 #12112 #12120
  • Fix regression: Unintentional locking of private chat with moderator, chat lock on left/ejected user not triggered #12079
  • Make Breakout Rooms User Assignment Keyboard Accessible #12078
  • Get users data from context in poll live-result #12081
  • Get users data from context in random user select #12082
  • Fix Screen Reader Access To Tethered Dropdown Menu's #12077
  • Add delay to userRemove #12057
  • Remove unused imports #12096 #12113
  • Fix layout doesn't update when screen is shared #12059
  • Fix: mic selection (firefox/all browsers) and muted alert when mic is changed #12054
  • Fix: breakout autojoin audio with wrong behavior #12101
  • Increase download button size #12105
  • Fix Focus Outline Clipping Buttons In Firefox #12104
  • Remove duplicated property from nav-bar button #12110
  • Makes hand raised message differentiate between one and multiple users #12109
  • Remove webcamsDefaultPlacement unused settings #12114
  • Fix client crashing with multiple private chats #12116
  • Reduce component re-render on containers that use usersContext #12086
  • Make waiting users more responsiv #12097
  • Feat(video): set audio floor sorting as default for pagination #12120
  • Stop viewer play/stop actions on external videos #11931
  • Fix: client may crash when loading develop version #12128
  • Fix new poll button sizes #12133
  • Fix missing chat messages #12102
  • Fix: breakout audio don't use previously selected output device #12132
  • Resize duplicated poll results annotation #12129
  • Pulled HTML5 locales on Apr 23, 2021 #12134
  • Style(connection status): replace icons #12123
  • Update Language On Html After Locale Change #12095


  • Installs LibreOffice 7 and MS fonts for presentation conversions #12035
  • Apply security enhancements for libreoffice conversion scripts #12083
  • Makes presentation svg resolution configurable, and improve default quality #12087
  • FS: Add cdquality video-auto-floor-msec for # 12004 #12112
  • FS: Reduce freeswitch log level #12029
  • Bbb web run dev #12135
  • Implements forceRasterizeSlides and pngWidthRasterizedSlides #12124


  • Sharer webcam can get into an inconsistent state on disconnections #12122
  • bbb-webrtc-sfu was updated to 2.5.0-alpha.6

Packaging / configuration

  • Re-enabled Shared notes exporting to PDF, ODF or Microsoft Word document by setting soffice config to /usr/share/bbb-libreoffice-conversion/ in /usr/share/etherpad-lite/settings.json #12008

  • Added TasksMax=infinity to bbb-webrtc-sfu/kurento-media-server.service to account for the fact that on Ubuntu 18.04 [by default] we have a realtively low value for DefaultTasksMax, which is too low for Kurento.

    # systemctl show --property DefaultTasksMax
  • bbb-freeswitch-core package is now using the configurations that are included in the repository, located in bigbluebutton/bbb-voice-conference/config/freeswitch. These configurations are being cleaned up. Thanks @znerol and @fireba11

  • Remove webcamsDefaultPlacement unused settings #12114

  • Reduce freeswitch log level #12029

latest releases: v2.4-rc-3, v2.3.15, 2.4-rc-2...
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