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BigBlueButton 2.3-beta-4

This 2.3-beta-3 release includes multiple bug fixes and stability improvements.

Note - if upgrading from previous 2.3-beta install, edit /var/lib/dpkg/info/bbb-libreoffice-docker.prerm to comment out the line (near the bottom)
docker network remove bbb-libreoffice -> # docker network remove bbb-libreoffice this should help you to uninstall the previous bbb-libreoffice-docker version

The whiteboard now has better support for writing via digital pen/style using a new whiteboard mode. See the screenshot below. Thanks @jonathansch1 and supporters!

Screenshot from 2021-04-16 18-44-49

Also the Randomly Select User feature is now animated, adding to the selection process. Thanks @hiroshisuga !

Special thanks to contributors @jonathansch1 @steffen-moser @PhMemmel @hiroshisuga @mrkeksi @lonesomewalker @znerol @schrd @basisbit and others for helping with code contributions / comments / testing and proving feedback!

HTML5 client

  • Fix unintetionally drawing while using an active pencil #11224
  • Fix join webcam breakout room #12003
  • Add meetingId to usersContext #12034
  • Add bars to chat poll results #12045
  • Fancy random viewer selection #11297 #12046
  • Publish cursor using reliable userId #12011
  • Make audio selection menu scrollable #12037
  • Dedicated locales property for shared notes locked text #12038
  • Fix phone number display in RTL #12040
  • Increase chat min/max width values #12043
  • Adds guest policy test specs #12026
  • Fix: Allow open private chats with mods if private chats are disabled #12013
  • Fix previous messages chat alerts and remove unused code #12010
  • Fix duplicated messages #12012
  • Scroll on polling panel - mobile #12015
  • Extend user's name sorting to use non-ASCII characters #11957
  • Fix chat alerts #11992
  • Remove returnless function use #11964
  • Removing unused imports #12005
  • Fix panel resizing for poll, cc and waiting list #11997
  • Syncing the length of poll options list with the drag and drop input #11895
  • Remove max-width from polling options container #12002
  • Fix active poll refresh crash #12000
  • Fix private public chat lock interference #11989
  • Fix: whiteboard access for multiple presentations #11995
  • Fix save and copy messages #11994
  • Update eslint to ecma 2020 #11967



  • Remove spurious FreeSWITCH config from akka-bbb-fsesl #12044
  • Optimize default.pdf + favicon #11881
  • Export Shared Notes to PDF/DOC/ODT #12008 (Note that we do not enable this by default yet because we still need to do a bit more work on the packaging end)
  • Makes bbb-web return error code 403 when uploaded file exceeds limit #12016
  • Creates a pubSub error message when Upload max size exceeded #11956


  • Split the EDL recording marks generation out to a helper function #12028

Packaging / configuration

  • Disabled diagnosticDataCollectionEnabled in MongoDB - this was one of the causes for reducing the available write space for MongoDB used by bbb-html5. See #11185 for more info. Possibly there might be more changes in the near future, so we are keeping the issue open.

In /usr/share/meteor/bundle/mongo-ramdisk.conf

  diagnosticDataCollectionEnabled: false
  • note that exporting Shared notes to PDF, ODF or Microsoft Word is still disabled by default. Some more work is needed ot ensure it works well before enabling it in [next] beta
  • changes to packaging in bbb-libreoffice-docker to properly clear any old bbb-soffice docker image
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