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BigBlueButton 2.3-beta-1

This release of BigBlueButton 2.3-beta-1 significantly advances the development of BigBlueButton 2.3. This beat release includes multiple bug fixes and several new features. As a beta, we are now moving in to testing and bug fixing as we iterate towards a general release.

New features:

HTML5 client


  • Prevent sending typed poll empty response #11661
  • Escaping user typed poll results #11671
  • QA: Update and add Polling specs #11574
  • Improve poll function #11686
  • Case insensitive typed poll responses grouping #11718

Shared notes:

  • Fixed: cannot type when using mobile browser #11441
    • Handle pad's events and Meteor's instances #11726
  • proxy instead of aliased localhost
  • Updated Etherpad to 1.8.13
  • Added ep_disable_chat from npm package
  • Enabled ep_cursortrace (who-is-typing) and increased settings' change rate
  • Increased notes ttl settings intervals
    • Included pad validation at nginx proxy

Media related:

  • Default enable banner alert when user speaks with mic muted #11721
  • audio: change default SDP format to Unified Plan #11728
  • video-provider: add dynamic video page sizes based on number of users #11664
  • kurento-utils: update UAParser and js.merge #11688
  • screenshare: check if the user is still presenter after gDM resolves #11730


  • [Refactor] Whiteboard individual access #11669 #11689
  • Fix reactive issue with reconnection #11725
  • Fix userlist RTL/LTR for userlist when language is changed #11724
  • Show unmuted microphone in video #11678
  • Fixes chat panel appearing after webcam share/unshare #11672
  • Fix userlist height if banner is enabled #11694
  • Fix client crash when user is sharing video #11698
  • Add selectRandomUser settings #11700
  • Increasing userlist menu width #11710
  • Fix messages not being cleared #11691
  • Increasing presenter menu width #11711
  • Move Raise Hand Functionality To Actions Bar Button #11703
  • Retrieve guest user pre-join messages only when userId is available #11713
  • Locales fetch rework #11719
  • Adds parameters check after extractCredentials is used #11658
  • Prevent logged out user to spam validateAuthToken #11709
    • Handle pad's events and Meteor's instances #11726
  • Pulled HTML5 locales on March 24, 2021 #11732


  • Replaced keepEvents with defaultKeepEvents and meetingKeepEvents #11681 Note** keepEvents is now false by default
  • [Refactor] Whiteboard individual access #11669 #11689
  • Create meeting message order precedes group chat message in akka-apps #11650
  • Correctly catch bigbluebutton.web.serverURL #11656


  • Don't use string interpolation when generating commands for slide conversion #11685
  • Audio processing changes to reduce audio desync #11683
  • Add rap processing for screen streams with audio (complements #11622) #11626
  • Don't print audio info for corrupt audio files #11739


Multiple improvements, check the following pull request for more info:

latest releases: v2.3.15, 2.4-rc-2, v2.3.14...
7 months ago