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BigBlueButton 2.3-alpha-5

This release of BigBlueButton 2.3 includes multiple bug fixes and several enhancements.
Note that this release also includes multiple pull requests from branch 2.2.x-release which have not yet been released (2.2.32 is in progress) They are listed in their own section at the very bottom of the release notes

Also note that in #11104 we modified the guest waiting url to comply with the inclusion of instanceId for nodejs processes. You may need to update the url manually if you have a pre-existing 2.3 installation. It should work correctly for new installations.

-  defaultGuestWaitURL=${bigbluebutton.web.serverURL}/html5client/guestWait
+ ´┐╝defaultGuestWaitURL=${bigbluebutton.web.serverURL}/html5client/%%INSTANCEID%%/guestWait

Newly added in 2.3-alpha5

  • Presenter selecting a random viewer #11175
  • Polling: Allow Abstention for Yes/No #11217
  • Improves the end meeting confirmation message #11194
  • Pulled HTML5 locales Jan 29, 2021; tested #11267

HTML5 client bug fixes

  • Handle guestWait url for multiple nodejs instanceIds #11104
  • Various stability improvements to ConnectionsManager and User publishing #11239 #11265 #11236
  • Enabling copy-pasting in the chat window on 2.3a3 #11080
  • Adding ID to debug window shortcut translation #11077
  • Suppress warning of React file player #11074
  • Add fonts-noto-cjk to build of libreoffice docker container #11093
  • Fix slide size problem at fullscreen <-> window-mode transition #10604
  • Correct path to silence.mp3 #11112
  • Additional handling of client side components referring to user not found #11111 #11114 #11186
  • Remove duplicated html id video-modal-input #11113
  • Remove mountModal requirement in presentation uploader #11078
  • Resolve bug related to setting defaultLocale with format xx_XX #11171
  • Fixes closed captions language list #11179
  • Prevent open text-area blocking select menus #11207
  • Fixes active webcam icon #11263
  • Fixes typing indicator display #11264
  • Correctly return MediaStream object when calling audio-manager's inputStream #11268


  • Updated axios to 0.21.1 to resolve vuln #11105


  • Add missing custom parameters specs to the custom parameters test suite #11165


  • Recording: properly start bbb-rap-resque-worker and bbb-rap-starter after the server starts

Introduced in 2.2.x-release since 2.2.31, first time included in a release

  • audio: add a configurable throttle to action-bar`s mute toggle #11231
  • audio: fix talking-indicator mute debounce #11230
  • video-preview: improvements to error handling (#9943) and cleanups #11068
  • video-provider: make video-list-item actions dropdown keys unique #11228
  • Increase camera baseTimeout to 30 seconds (webcam share timeout workaround) #11120
  • Check if stream already exists before adding in list #11123
  • Allow audio constraints to be changed in bbb-html5's settings.yml #11143
  • Fix stream stop for multiple webcams #11142
  • Configurable annotation and cursor interval #11187
  • Throttle user typing indicator function #11199
  • Add setting for enabling/disabling microphone audio filters #11206
  • Avoid setting empty/undefined constraint #11222 #11235
  • Add heapdump threshold in settings #11243 -- removed in 2.3-alpha5 since memwatch package is not supported
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