github bigbluebutton/bigbluebutton v2.2.6
BigBlueButton 2.2.6

This release fixes some bugs, gives moderators more control over removing users, and improves security in BigBlueButton.


  • Prevent removed users from rejoining (including dial-in) #9188 #9230 #9236
  • Display screen share button in safari browser (show unavailable message) #9066


  • Return 404 error when presentation file download is not allowed. #9259
  • Bind bbb-web to localhost #9245
  • Add support for upload of '.jpeg' files (not just '.jpg') #9115
  • Pulled the latest translations for locales, multiple new languages supported #9126 , #9218
  • Set content-type for presentation download #9102
  • Update HTML5 npm packages #9125

This release adds the Norwegian language to the list of locals. To improve the audio, we've also added a jitterbuffer setting to the FreeSWITCH configuration files.

latest releases: v2.3.15, 2.4-rc-2, v2.3.14...
17 months ago