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BigBlueButton 2.2.33

Prior to BigBlueButton 2.2.32, etherpad was not properly clearing out old pads. This is a privacy issue that we resolved in 2.2.32 by adding the etherpad pluginep_pad_ttl.git.

However, on long running servers that heavy use of shared notes notes, we received reports that ep_pad_ttl was not able to clear out the old pads in a timely manner. This resulted in Shared Notes not initially becoming available after an upgrade.


  • Proactively clean out older etherpad entries in redis before restarting bbb-etherpad service using the following code in bbb-etherpad.preinst (fixes
    # Ensure to clean out old pads before upgrade if systemctl is-active --quiet etherpad; then redis-cli keys pad:* | xargs redis-cli del redis-cli keys sessionstorage:* | xargs redis-cli del redis-cli keys globalAuthor:* | xargs redis-cli del redis-cli keys token2author:* | xargs redis-cli del fi
latest releases: v2.4-rc-3, v2.3.15, 2.4-rc-2...
8 months ago