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BigBlueButton 2.2.29

This release of BigBlueButton brings in multiple audio improvements, some general HTML5 client fixes and several security fixes. We encourage administrators to upgrade their BigBlueButton servers to this new version.


  • Sanitize parameters of API's. Fixes 10818 #10819
  • bbb-html5 nodejs process runs as meteor user (not root)
  • Limit bbb-html5 process to only listen on #8894

HTML5 client (general improvements)

  • Dont include extra dot in instructure media url #10692
  • Fix presentation downloadable tooltip label #10754
  • Prevent users from sending multiple votes per poll #10742
  • Add error boundary to presentation upload modal #10704
  • Simplified redis debug and placed behind check #10817
  • Pulled HTML5 locales on Nov 13, 2020 #10824

HTML5 client (audio Improvements)

  • Resolved audio errors when joining with microphone #10714
  • Change default value of iceGatheringTimeout to current's SIP.js default #10716
  • Use iceConnectionState to monitor ICE connection status #10800
  • Prevent 1005 error log when user close/reload bbb's window/tab #10718
  • Properly stops userAgent / peer when audio connection/reconnection fails #10741
  • Correctly Map Websocket error and better monitoring of ICE events #10790
  • Force using plan-b as default sdpSemantics for chrome #10806
  • [html5/audio] Add a configurable hackViaWs to SIP.js. Part of a workaround for issue #9667 ("Stops working after 1-2 days with Error 1002"). Instructions on how to enable it in pull request #10808
  • [html5/webrtc] Fix tryGenerateIceCandidates rejections and put it behind a flag #10810
  • Increase private key size for dtls-srtp.pem to 4096 #10816


  • Split error message from session token in bbb-web enter API #10820
  • Remove unwanted debug logging of PDF binaries #10799


  • bbb-webrtc-sfu was updated to 2.2.22 (up from .19 in BBB 2.2.28)
latest releases: v2.4-rc-3, v2.3.15, 2.4-rc-2...
11 months ago