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BigBlueButton 2.2.26

This minor release contains several stability improvements and further enhances sharing of webcams, screenshare and audio by adding configuration for reducing the number of ICE candidates, thus making it more robust and quicker to establish.

Webcams, screenshare, listenOnly audio


  • Fixed the networkInterfaces option to be dual stack (IPv4+IPv6) compatible and also work with network interfaces with multiple IP addresses of the same family
  • Added a new companion config ipIgnoreList: to be used alongside networkInterfaces to ignore unwanted IP addresses in the ICE gathering procedure. With the changes to networkInterfaces, private IP addresses will now also be gathered. If you don't need intranet connectivity with Kurento, add the private IP (and any other unwanted ones) from the interfaces in networkIntefaces to the ignore list and they won't be used.
  • Link-local IPs (169.254.* and fe80::*) are already ignored by default, so you don't need to set them up in the ignore list

Note: For best results we recommend the usage of externalIPv4+externalIPv6+ipIgnoreList

HTML5 client:

  • Prevent validateAuthToken spamming for ejected users #10504
  • Improved Save usernames to preserve uppercase and to handle 1 word names #10480 #10493
  • Removed unused bowser.js #10501
  • Added log for moderator forcing end meeting #10522
  • Remove string concatenation from webcam profile label #10521
  • Pulled HTML5 locales and tested Sept 25, 2020 #10530


  • Option to prevent eject users by permission violation #10510
  • Add secure tag to bbb-web JSESSIONID cookie #10511


  • Fix io deadlock in recording scripts process execution utilities #10516
  • Perform captions generation in UTF-16 encoding #10532
latest releases: v2.4-rc-3, v2.3.15, 2.4-rc-2...
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