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BigBlueButton 2.2.24

This release contains several improvements for audio, webcams and screenshare. It also introduces the ability to trigger a URL on meeting end. There is now support for running three parallel instances of Kurento on the BigBlueButton server - see

Also FreeSWITCH was updated to version 1.10.4


  • Add a client-side microphone mute/unmute #10423 #10433 #10440
  • Correctly handle muteOnStart property #10334
  • Also delete opus files in freeswitch cache dir #10362

Webcams and screenshare:

  • video-provider: add missing PropType, remove render socketOpen check #10336
  • video-provider: fix mesh stream sorting with multiple cameras #10429
  • screenshare: improve screenshare service findOne calls #10335
  • screenshare: make presenter's screenshare preview local instead of remote #10431
  • Enable three parallel KMS servers #10449
  • Added shortcuts for enableHTML5CameraQualityThresholds and enableHTML5WebcamPagination #10460

General improvements:

  • Pulled HTML5 locales Sept 9, 2020 #10422
  • Configurable max number of breakout rooms #10434
  • Update minBrowserVersions #10350
  • Update saved users text file data #10360
  • Add check when start/stop an external video #10389
  • Prevent non presenters to start/stop an external video #10396
  • Normalize custom parameters #10410
  • Fix banned users log #10411
  • Add individual messages to video disable #10424
  • In Breakouts close the tab if the user intentionally selects Leave -> OK #10455


  • Meeting end callback url #10401


  • Backport memory leak fixes for lossy environments from upstream gstreamer
  • Backport this adds two new options (externalIPv4/externalIPv6) which supersede the current externalAddress config to make it dual stack (IPv4+IPv6) friendly.
  • Backport add a new configuration option (niceAgentIceTcp) to allow disabling TCP ICE candidate gathering. TCP is usually closed on firewalls on regular deployments, so by deactivating them we halve the number of server-side * Kurento candidates while also speeding up connectivity.
  • Adjustments to Kurento's audio jitterbuffer: improves listen only audio quality.
latest releases: v2.3.15, 2.4-rc-2, v2.3.14...
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