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BigBlueButton 2.2.18

This update includes numerous bug fixes, usability, and stability improvements. Kurento was also updated to 6.13.2!

In particular, we reduced duplicate messages when a banned user would retry to log in, ensured files are handled safely in recording scripts, and fixed an issue that was preventing Vimeo recordings from playing in Share video feature.

Below is the full list of changes.

HTML5 client/server fixes:

  • External video: Update react-player version and fix problems with Vimeo and Twitch #9803 #9825
  • Prevent banned user from trying to validateAuthToken multiple times #9824
  • Fix TypeError: event.path is undefined #9802
  • Fix ending of screen share displaying empty container #9814
  • Fix custom parameters for guest users #9744
  • Added callerIdName in audio logs where possible #9827
  • Clear video streams collection #9758
  • Disable chat option with dial in users #9860
  • Centralize base prop cleaning / deletion #9876
  • Prevent drag and drop of files closing session #9757
  • Remove Log In back button in error screen #9885
  • Handle userData autoSwap and hidePresentation params #9753
  • Add debounce to talking indicator mute function #9756
  • Fix poll vote not incrementing when - is used as a custom option #9771
  • Close whiteboard toolbar sub menu on mousedown #9755
  • Fix poll annotation error with large presentations #9754
  • Show correct screen when user leaves meeting #9741
  • Enable mirroring for video streams #9828
  • Make meeting/breakout ending time alerts configurable #9878
  • Add a listener to voice user ejecting user from audio on socket disconnection #9888


  • Ensure that files are handled safely in recording scripts #9857

Kurento Media Server was also updated to 6.13.2.


  • bbb-conf - Updates to use of FreeSWITCH Event Socket Layer password #9832
  • bbb-conf - Fix regex issue in bbb-conf #9873
  • bbb-webhooks - Update minimist to latest version. #9835
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