github bigbluebutton/bigbluebutton v2.2.15
BigBlueButton 2.2.15

In this minor release we reverted a recent change causing confusion with passed guest= flag (see #9687). Several other improvements were included:

HTML5 client:

  • Fix non userData defined shortcuts not functioning #9683
  • Revert "Fix calcGuestStatus" #9687
  • Fix chat dropdown not filling screen (mobile) #8964
  • Make screen reader announce captions as they are appear #9715
  • Add bbb_show_public_chat_on_login as a join (co-) parameter #9658
  • Hide default content when hidePresentation and autoSwapLayout enabled #9516
  • Restore minimized presentation for viewer on select presenter actions #9517


  • Recording: Sort sanity files so it processes older recordings first #9649
  • Recording presentation: ignore text shapes with missing calcedFontSize #8999
latest releases: v2.3.15, 2.4-rc-2, v2.3.14...
16 months ago