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BigBlueButton 2.2.10

This release collects together a number of bug fixes, including improvements to users joining the session, security improvements in upload/download of presentations and, it enables, by default, the deletion of raw recording data (which is used to create the playback files) to 14 days. 


  • Fix race condition in addUserSettings #9419
  • Fix calcGuestStatus #9189
  • Change validateAuthToken key generator and add details to log #9469 #9474
  • Postpone websocket close for a failed authToken #9470
  • customSvgIcon css class bug fixed for rtl layouts #9173
  • Set correct state in user list for selected user onClick #9408
  • Close video preview modal when "share webcam" lock activated #9481
  • Localize default poll options before calculating annotation required space #9477
  • Fix 'See other viewers in the Users list' lock enforcing lock on 'See other viewers webcams' #9407 , see Note near the end of this message


  • Rework presentation download and upload #9386 #9391
  • Remove files containing incompatible (to BBB) license #9501
  • Display locked status for shared notes under Shared Notes title #9518


  • Enable deletion of 14d old already published raw recordings by default #9483 This is configurable by editing /etc/cron.daily/bigbluebutton.
  • Adds remove user confirmation #9475

Note: if you are relying on Add create property to mask viewers from other viewers #7896 to also hide webcams, in this release you will additionally need to set "See other viewers' webcams" lock setting to prohibit viewers from seeing the webcams of other viewers. In other words, to hide viewers from seeing other viewers in the Users list and webcams, both lock settings below are needed.
Screenshot from 2020-05-11 15-03-56

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