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BigBlueButton 2.4-rc-2

This release of BigBlueButton 2.4 includes numerous fixes and stability improvements.

Link to installation command / instructions/ schedule / planned features :

Special thanks to the community members who provided feedback to the earlier 2.4 releases!

This release includes all 2.3.x changes up to and including 2.3.14.

HTML5 client:


  • fix: camera resizing bug #13255
  • fix: restoreOnUpdate: true, parameter not working #13259
  • fix: Breakout generation URL keeps loading even after it has finished #13263
  • fix: Adjusted local_deployment NodeJS version #13290
  • fix: presentation toolbar size in focus on video layout #13302
  • fix: Fixes user list appears even if custom parameters is false #13272
  • fix: Button to extend breakout rooms time is being shown for normal users #13310
  • fix(audio): audio controls crash when ending call during brekout audio transfer #13321
  • fix: Breakout Room Invites not send to everyone #13327
  • fix: userlist shortcut on firefox for macos #13339
  • fix: Hide presentation custom parameter not working #13308
  • fix(external-video): Adjustments to external video design and custom players #13331
  • fix: Fix missing message in waiting room when meeting was ended before being able to join #13341 #13374 thanks @PhMemmel
  • fix: Fix delay to receive URL to join in a BreakoutRoom #13363 #13368
  • fix: fullscreen cameras position with hidden presentation #13391
  • fix: Prevent a case where the setInPod get stuck on a loop #13325
  • fix: Fix whiteboard toolbar item vanish #13381 via #13400 thanks @hiroshisuga
  • fix(shared notes): avoid padId subscription #13392 via #13399
  • fix(closed captions): avoid padId subscription #13396 via #13402
  • fix: presentation toolbar unmount with small window height #13424
  • fix(guests): max participants #13313 (via 2.3)
  • fix(closed captions): check owner on text append #13398 (via 2.3)
  • fix(closed captions): captions recording #13425 (via 2.3)
  • fix: restore presentation fullscreen shortcut #13436
  • fix: poll vote percent calculation - live result #13447


  • refactor: WCAG2.1 - Guest Wait Page #13278
  • refactor: WCAG2.1 - Guest Lobby Approval Message #13323
  • refactor: Notify Screen Reader When Network Data Is Copied #13431
  • refactor: Tweaks to UI for push layout #13346
  • refactor: Polling UI Enhancements #13372
  • refactor: Reuse bbb-html5 build files from build dir #13427
  • refactor: Set friendlier labels to join BreakoutRoom #13435
  • refactor: Let bbb try to open BreakoutRoom automatically (when receive the URL asked by user) #13439
  • style: change presentation fullscreen/minimize buttons color #13329
  • style: change leave meeting color #13330
  • style(guest page): loading dots #13406
  • style(guest wait): adjust font #13438
  • style: dropdown menu padding #13420

newly introduced:

  • feat(webrtc): add EXPERIMENTAL option to disable ICE candidate signaling #13281
  • feat: Allow external video and screenshare to be minimized just like the presentation area #13306 #13401
  • feat(external-video): New external video icon #13395


  • test: Update click function, unify elements and update/fix tests suite #13273
  • test: Group test files together based on the test case + clarify the format of the server URL's variable #13311
  • test: Improve init function, fix code warnings, rename folders and fix test paths #13358


  • chore: Pulled HTML5 2.4 locales on Sept 27, 2021 #13309
  • chore(virtual-backgrounds): cleanup and update tflite resources #13279
  • chore(webrtc): let the server generate subscriber offers by default (backports #13254) #13335
  • chore: Update axios and other npm deps #13264 (via 2.3)
  • chore: Pulled 2.4 HTML5 locales Oct 8, 2021 #13449



  • fix: Avoid BBB to convert presentation with a problematic image/transparent pixel #13344
  • refactor: Disable LearningDashboard for Breakout Rooms #13393
  • fix: Parameters allowed in request body again #13426
  • fix(guests): max participants #13313 (via 2.3)


  • refactor: Bbb-conf warn about sip.js if sipjsHackViaWs is null or undefined #13418
  • refactor(build, conf): webrtc-sfu's localIpAddress config is defunct #13429


  • chore(recording): track mediasoup raw media files locations #13397



  • refactor: Sort data by ActivityScore in Desc/Asc order #13342
  • style: Learning Dashboard line wrap fix #13305 via #13350 thanks @hiroshisuga


packaging / configuration:

  • bbb-freeswitch-core contains the fix, essentially the same package which shipped with BigBlueButton 2.3.14 last week.
  • updated /etc/sudoers.d/zzz-bbb-docker-libreoffice with the new content from as part of bbb-libreoffice-docker's after-install.
  • build: Set Ram limit to Libreoffice Docker in Sudoers #13434 (same as the above but in open source packaging for future releases)
  • refactor(build, conf): webrtc-sfu's localIpAddress config is defunct #13429
  • build: Updates bbb-freeswitch-core 's build instructions to match 2.4-rc-2's #13437

Release name

In case an administrator does not want to update to the latest bionic-240 version, use as substitute to the -v argument in command
We still recommend using -v bionic-240.

Client build: 2323

latest release: v2.3.15
7 days ago