github bigbluebutton/bigbluebutton 2.2-rc-2
BigBlueButton 2.2-RC-2

This RC-2 release finished a lot of pending updates with a focus on stability as we work towards the final release.


  • 'Who is talking' indicator #8292 #8330
  • Allow for skipping video preview (passed param or settings.yml) when auto joining with webcam #8319 #8353
  • Add audio cue and toast on user join settings #8318
  • Webcam resizable #8303
  • Add notification when recording started with no mic users #8261
  • Added a join parameter to set a new default video profile #8300
  • Allow for logTag parameter in settings.yml #8329
  • Added event listener to change slides with Page Up and Page Down #8128


  • Renamed all userdata join parameters to follow the same pattern (old names still supported) #8305 #7805
  • Performance: Update annotations/cursor streamer logic #8235
  • Recording: Switch from vp8 to vp9, use better x264 options #7057
  • Recording: Skip ".norecord" meetings when running --rebuildall #8350
  • Recording: screenshare recording format: add breakout room info to metadata.xml #8349
  • Recording: edited rap-caption-inbox.rb to get appropriate files in presentation #8277
  • Adjusted emphasis in UX for breakouts and who-is-typing #8322
  • Improved correlation between FreeSWITCH and BBB audio logs #8326


  • Audio: Handle sip.js autoplay failure #8357
  • Audio: Hangup sip.js on timeout and stop audio join double click #8358
  • Account for mDNS candidates on gUM fallback for recvonly peers #8327
  • Keep html5 client log file permissions #8314
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23 months ago