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BigBlueButton 2.2-RC-1

This release marks the first official Release Candidate (RC) for BigBlueButton 2.2.

BigBlueButton 2.2 is looking pretty solid, and moving to a release candidate will help us get a wider pool of usage for testing before the final release.


  • Change default audio recording codec to opus #8256
  • Add option to reconnect audio with relay only #8258


  • Fix quick poll detecting wrong options #8262

Update #8258 is for servers that have a TURN server setup. Most of the failed audio calls are ICE negotiation failures after the call has initially been connected. If the first WebRTC audio call initially fails to connect (using UDP), you can now configure the client make a second attempt using relay (TURN) candidates only. To configure this option, set relayOnlyOnReconnect: true in /usr/share/meteor/bundle/programs/server/assets/app/config/settings.yml and restart BigBlueButton. You must have a TURN server configured with your BigBlueButton server for this setting to work.

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23 months ago