github bdring/FluidNC v3.7.9

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8 months ago
  • We now preserve startup messages from before a panic. With this change, $ss will show the current startup messages on a clean startup, but if FluidNC panics and reboots, $ss will show the startup messages that preceded the panic, prefaced with [MSG:ERR: Showing startup log from previous panic]
  • You can now assign output pins to status states. For example, light an LED when in alarm state.
  • Fixed some basic config errors that would force a restart. We only want serious error cause a restart.
  • We now show the URL of where the code came from in the start messages. This helps us see if the code came from us or a fork.
  • Changed coolant delays. It will only delay on a new M7 or M8. It will not delay if that state was already in effect or if M9 is issued.

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