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10 months ago


New Features

  • Added new probing gcode variants G38.6 to G38.9. These are the same as G38.2 to G38.5, but the units are always millimeters (ignores G20) and the move is always incremental (ignores G90). This makes it easier for some senders to control the interface. The WebUI now uses this.
  • Parallel Delta Kinematics have been added.
  • New Alarms. Grbl only had a single alarm. This locked up the whole system. In reality you might have several alarms (homing, spindles, etc). By tracking multiple alarms, we can better control what happens in each case. We will like take more advantage of this in the future.
  • New Macros. We added after_homing, after_reset and after_unlock macros. The new alarms allowed this.
  • Soft Limits. We now check soft limits better. Previously we would stop when an arc was about to exceed the range. We now stop before the arc starts.

Note for people upgrading: The WebUI has been updated for the probing feature. You need to load the latest index.html.gz. See this wiki section for help with that

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