github bdring/FluidNC v3.7.17

latest release: v3.7.18
one month ago
  • Config Alarm: FluidNC starts with a config alarm if there were problems in your config file. This can be cleared like other alarms, but it help users understand that there are problems that need to be fixed.
  • Error Reporting: Errors display with a full description in addition to a number. This can be controlled with the verbose_errors: config item.
  • Homing Current: TMC2209 drivers now have a homing_amps: config item. This could be helpful to people trying to tune stallguard homing.
  • Probe: Fixed some probe pin issues. It now has a hard_stop: config item. This will hard stop the motion at the probe contact point. It prevents deceleration overtravel to protect fragile bits. It may be less accurate at higher speeds if deceleration is needed.
  • Homing: You can now set the number of homing touches. The config item is homing_runs: and the default is 2 to match the traditional method. It can be set from 1 to 5. The first touch runs at the seek speed and the rest run at the feed speed. Some features like stallguard homing do not benefit from multiple touches.

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