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13 months ago

New Features

  • Changes to Soft Limits and jogging
    • More feedback is issued when a jog violates soft limits.
    • If you are trying to jog away from a switch to allow homing, you will be limited to jogs off an active switch of the motor0 pulloff_mm length.
  • Timers used by servos have been simplified and are more flexible.
    • RC Servos and Solenoids each get their own timer_ms values.
    • Bus servos like Dynamixel share a common update rate.
  • TMC2209 Stuff
    • Turned of the i_scale_analog feature. This means the pot does nothing when using UART control. The config is in complete control of the motor current.
  • UART Config Examples
    • The example configs were updated to the UART config style from the last release.
    • Changed the default speed to 8MHz. The valid range is 400kHz to 20Mhz
  • Replaced Arduino Strings with C++ std:strings as part of a long-term project to reduce dependencies on the Arduino framework. This is not supposed to have any user-visible consequences

Bug Fixes

  • Soft Limits & Jogging
    • If you have an axes out of soft limit range, you can jog the other axes.

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