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15 months ago

New Features

  • The little I2C OLED displays are now part of the released firmware (no special compile).
  • We have changed the way UARTs are defined. They are defined in config sections at the top level like I2S, SPI, etc. The old method of specifying UARTS in spindles is still supported (discouraged), but users of uart motors drivers, like TMC2209 or Dynamixel servos must update their config files.
  • You can define a second UART channel that works just like the default USB/Serial. This could be used for smart displays, etc.
  • There is a new option for homing cycles that can be useful for axes without switches. Set the cycle to -1 and the machine position of the axis will be set to mpos_mm: without moving the axis.
  • There is a new setting $HTTP/BlockDuringMotion. This prevents serving files from LocalFS when the machine is running during motion.


  1. If you get an error like this [MSG:ERR: Initialization error at /axes/x/motor0/tmc_2209: TrinamicUartDriver must set uart_num: ], you need to update your config file to the new UART definition style.

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