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pre-release19 months ago

Test release for auto reporting and WebUI Tablet continuous jogging

This test release has automatic status reporting so the sender does not have to send ? and $G periodically in order to update its display. The feature can be enabled by sending $report/interval=100, or $ri=100, to set the auto-reporting interval to 100 ms. The WebUI index.html.gz that is included automatically enables the feature. To use the new WebUI, you will need to upload it separately to your local filesystem, after installing the new firmware.

Automatic reporting happens during motion, and any time that the state changes.

It should be possible to use this feature with senders other than WebUI by sending the $RI=100 command from the sender's console - and then you probably want to configure the sender for a long interval between explicit status requests.

In addition to auto-reporting, the new WebUI's Tablet UI supports continuous jogging, by holding down the jog button. A short tap will perform a fixed-length jog by the selected distance. If you hold it down, it will jog continuously until you release the button.

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