github bdring/FluidNC v3.6.5

latest releases: v3.7.17, v3.7.16, v3.7.15...
18 months ago
  • Added spin up/down delays to Huanyang and YL620
  • Fixed SD card detect pin capabilities
  • Wallplotter feed rate fix
  • Probe input status now prints in !Limits
  • Fixed multiple homing issues
  • Fixed bug with trying to write to closed websockets
  • Fixed G38.5
  • Fixed crashes when WebUI goes away during file runs
  • Now ignores feedhold while homing (use reset)
  • Updated index.html.gz
    • Continuous jogging in tablet if you hold down a jog button
    • Fixed pause button problem
    • Improvements in messaging when uploads fail
    • SD Upload failed sometimes due to problems with websockets, perhaps when multiple browsers were connected
    • Tablet visualizer supports multi-turn helical interpolation

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