github bdring/FluidNC v3.6.2

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21 months ago

New Features

  • LittleFS is now supported for the local filesystem. The default is still SPIFFS but you can switch to LittleFS per In some future release LittleFS will become the default.
  • Reserved GPIO pins, like those used for FLASH communication, will now report an error in the startup messages.
  • You can now use multiple WebSockets and open multiple WebUI pages.
  • Tool numbers can now go up to 99999999


  • Fixed resume after feedhold
  • Dynamixel servo fixes
  • Fixed laser staying on during hold
  • Fixed decoding of WebUI real time characters (overrides, etc)
  • Fixed some parking issues

There is a change to the WebUI. You should load the new one to pick up some bug fixes. It is in the wifi folder of the release.

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